Being part of a Care Team these past several months has been humbling and wonderful! We met our young, single mother of one little boy when she was only a few weeks pregnant. She was so appreciative to have our support and encouragement. We went with her to doctor visits, community help centers, and met regularly face-to-face so that we could listen, share, and connect. We have gotten to know her and share in a huge part of her life. She has even attended our church several times! We honored her with a baby shower, and she was just amazed at the thoughtfulness and generosity of so many people. She is always so thankful and remembers to ask for prayer. Now that her precious little one is here, we have all gotten to hold this sweet baby girl and marvel at God’s plan! We continue to connect with her at least weekly to see how everyone is doing. What a blessing it has been to be a part of their lives and show them the loving spirit of our community!


August 2019 Team

‘I’m too busy.’ was my first thought when I was approached about being on a care team. As the wife of a chaplain and mom to 3 young kids, my primary ministry is to my husband and my children. How could I make the time? In the days to come the Lord would remind me that I wouldn’t be doing this alone, but hand-in-hand with other loving Christians. And we would quickly find that by giving the simple gifts of friendship and compassion, God would take our small efforts and multiply them. There have been moments when I’ve felt as if I was on a mission trip as my faith has been stretched and taken me out of my comfort zone. Those are moments I will always remember and cherish.


January 2020 Team

Being on a Care Team is definitely an adventure with the Lord! I was well-trained, but I quickly discovered that developing flexibility is key to being a team member. Rather than charging in with my own agenda, I learned to really listen to my new friend and learn about her and her needs. In turn, she and I were able to develop a bond of trust, blended with lots of laughter. I also came to realize that we are planting seeds that the Lord will nurture to blossom in His own good time…not mine! My husband and I were invited to be present at the baby’s birth, almost a year ago, and have walked with this family through many ups and downs. What a joy it has been to see the Lord bring them to a point of family stability that seemed almost unimaginable a little over a year ago.
Our new mom sends us pictures regularly and, in her last text, said she believes that this is the year her family will finally be stable and prosper! She has also shared that, were it not for the support and encouragement of the Care Team, she might be in jail for trying to feed her family! Being on a Care Team can feel like a wild roller coaster ride sometimes but, with the Lord working the controls, we can relax and enjoy the ride.


December 2018 Team

I began coming out to help with AMOH after hearing the plea for volunteers at the AMOH banquet 5 years ago. The Lord prompted me to respond and I immediately began to come for a couple hours on the 2 abortion days a week to pray and hold up a sign to encourage women to choose life. After attending a very helpful training, I began to feel better equipped to sidewalk counsel when the opportunity arose. You are never pushed to do or say anything you are not ready for, but the more time you spend out there, the more the Lord gives you the worlds you need to share at the proper time.

I am just blessed to be a part of a family in the body of Christ who work as a team to try to hold back abortions and who truly care about the women and their situations even providing help emotional, financial, and spiritual through care teams. Just recently, my church agreed that we could form care teams and I along with 2 other women have the privilege of ministering to a young lady in need and have started doing a Bible study with her.
It can sometimes seem like the little things you do out on the sidewalk like handing out gift bags, calling out to women about he other options and holding up signs are not making a difference, but when you see just 1 woman coming saying she decided to keep her baby, it is worth all the hours you didn’t anything happen. We don’t always know the outcome, but the Lord sees every effort and prayer and they are not in vain.

Volunteer since 2016

I think you learn a lot about yourself when you are a sidewalk counselor; I felt I did during my internship. There are hard days. Days where we don’t see our impact or days when we are met with disappointment, but those days only remind us to turn to God and put our trust in him. You test your own spiritual, mental, and physical resilience and you grow in them. You also get an incredible opportunity to see God at work and miracles happen in front of your eyes as hearts change and lives are saved!

John Mark

Intern July 2019 - December 2019

Interning with AMOH changed my mind on what it means to be pro-life. In the time I served as an intern, I learned that showing up and speaking out are the most important thing needed to save lives. AMOH offers many avenues for mothers to choose life for themselves and their babies in an urgent, yet winsome, manner. Interning involves hours of being a peaceful and prayerful presence in hot and cold weather, with friendly, ambivalent, and hostile interactions, and with successes and disappointments. The sincere Christian love I felt from the AMOH team and the volunteers was a great encouragement in the face of opposition and self-doubt. It was one of the most meaningful things I have ever done in my life.


Intern March 2019 - February 2020

In January 2015, Mark invited our church to join him in prayer outside the Columbia, SC abortion clinic. I had been looking for just this: an opportunity to stand, pray and be a witness to God in the midst of the evil tragedy of abortion. It has been a continued spiritual journey as prayer confronts reality. We see the Holy Spirit work in seen and unseen ways. We watch as Care Teams reach out and bring God’s people together. We are always challenged to do God’s will, especially when its hard. For me, being a part of A Moment of Hope is being in one battalion of God’s army. And that, for me, is an honor.


Volunteer since January 2015

I start to cry every time I think of this ministry. I’ve loved being a part of what they do so much. It’s so not me to put myself out there as I am so shy, but I feel so strongly God wants me to go. Every single time I go I am blessed!! I’ve been prayed over twice, given thumbs up and asked about our ministry, told we are being prayed for. And then the main reason I’m blessed is to be in a position to offer help and hope to these ladies. I haven’t gotten to walk someone to the pregnancy center yet but every encounter I’ve had has encouraged me. Even the negative ones. People need Jesus and we hope they see Him in us.


Volunteer since January 2019

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