About a Moment of Hope

A Moment of Hope is an evangelical, Christian outreach to women arriving at Columbia’s abortion facility, Planned Parenthood.

We train, equip, and mobilize Christian believers to be peaceful, prayerful, law-abiding messengers of gospel-centered hope and practical help. Additionally, we actively encourage the abortion workers to find God-honoring employment and offer resume help, networking, introductions, and practical transition assistance.

By the grace of God, this winsome and compassionate sidewalk counseling has resulted in the saving of many lives for the Lord’s glory!

How It Began

In 2012, founder Mark Baumgartner was challenged by a friend to consider doing sidewalk counseling in Columbia as he had done in years prior at an Orlando facility. The first day he went a woman who had scheduled an abortion stopped to accept his personal business card, his only materials at the time. On the back was written: “It’s not too late to change your mind. There are caring people that want to help you.”

She drove away, but just before her car was out sight, stopped and turned around. Tearfully she asked, “can you really help me?” He connected her with the local pregnancy center and stayed in touch. Less than a week later she texted to say: “I’m not going to end my pregnancy. I want to thank you for giving me a moment of hope so that I could reflect.”

Six months later she sent a picture of her newborn with the words: “Hello Mark, I wanted to share with you the beautiful blessing that God gave my family. This is [my baby]. I want to thank you for being at the end of that driveway that day to just give me a sense of hope in my situation.”

Ministry Objectives

Convinced God was at work, a ministry was born – being named by the very first mother to choose life – with these goals:

  • To train and organize volunteers to be present outside of Planned Parenthood every hour they are open.

  • To rescue the preborn from death by loving and caring for their mothers and families so they are no longer tempted by the lie of abortion.

  • To mentor and evangelize mothers who choose life, enfolding them into a local church.

  • To direct all business from Planned Parenthood to qualified, non-abortion health care providers.

  • To share the gospel that many might be made new in Christ.

  • To befriend, encourage, and assist Planned Parenthood workers to find employment in God-honoring industries.

  • To provide an avenue for churches and individuals to be involved in this life-saving and redemptive work.

  • To faithfully serve until, in God’s time, abortion in Columbia comes to an end.